Past Due for an Update

I realize that not everybody may be aware of what we are currently doing and why. So here is an update! (This is in letter format, not really blog post.)

Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord! I hope this letter finds you doing well and resting in the mercies of our Saviour. The mission trip to Bulgaria was such a blessing! We were able to pass out thousands of gospel tracts and DVDs. We were also able to present the gospel to many people individually. The Lord definitely answered prayers. We prayed specifically that we would see 12 professions of faith, and on our last day passing out tracts and DVDs, we saw our 12th profession of faith! Even one of our receptionists, Vera, in the hotel received Christ!

We partnered with missionary Jonathan Owens and family. On Sundays we sang and ministered in his gypsy church. His family and church were such a blessing to us while we were there!

After the Deaflympics we spent a week in Greece seeing history as recorded in the Bible unfold before our eyes. We stayed in Neapolis and visited Philippi, Berea, and Thessalonica. It was amazing to see where the Lord brought the gospel to Europe!


Upon return from our trip, things have shifted into high gear. We were accepted into an internship program at Stanley Heights Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. The senior pastor of the church is Pastor Brent Baughman. David Bennett, International Director of SWMI, is also working closely with us during this time of growth and training. We live in an apartment that is provided by the church and are engaged full time in the ministry here until July 2014. After that, we will begin raising funds for our survey trip and then beginning deputation.

Will you please partner with us and pray specifically for the following?

  • Our continued growth here at Stanley Heights
  • Clear leading from the Lord concerning our next step
  • Guidance and direction as we apply with SWMI as our mission board

We appreciate your continued prayers and would love to hear from you. You can write to us at the follwing address:

1512 McBrien Rd.

Chattanooga, TN 37412

God Bless,

-Drew Wright and family


April Report

Dear Praying Friends,

April was a very exciting month! We were able to be with ValleyViewBaptistChurch in Buchanan, VA. This was our first time visiting another church as missionaries, so we were slightly nervous. We trusted in the Lord and He blessed us with a wonderful meeting. Our home church, BeaconBaptistChurch in Salem, VA, had it’s mission conference. We enjoyed being involved with that and meeting other missionaries. There is no fellowship like the fellowship with other believers! Later in the month we were with JenningsCreekGospelChurch in Buchanan, VA.

Please be praying for us this month as we continue to schedule meetings and raise support for our survey trip. Also this month we will be working on obtaining passports and things of that nature.

Speaking of which, the date is getting closer and closer! If you have not yet, please pray about how you can be involved in the work the Lord has for us.

God bless you!

100 days left!

We need your help! We have 100 days until our survey trip, will you pray about giving? Here are the details:

            Melinda and I are very excited about the things the Lord is doing and the opportunities He has presented to us. Many of you know of our burden and passion for Deaf souls. This  summer, I have the opportunity to serve with Silent Word Ministries International (SWMI) at the Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The dates of this trip are July 22nd to August 9th. We will have the opportunity to witness to Deaf athletes as well as the medical, coaching, and support staff for approximately three weeks.  There will be spectators from around the world with approximately 80 countries represented.  We are eager to present the Gospel to the many who have never heard of Jesus Christ.  

After the Deaflympics, David Bennett (director of SWMI) and I will travel to England. Melinda will meet us there. While in England we will be doing our survey trip. We will be making contact with local churches that have a burden for Deaf ministries and collecting information (location of Deaf schools, cost of living, etc.).

Would you consider partnering with us in prayer and financial support for this missions opportunity?

Specific prayer requests include:

• God will be glorified

• Filling of the Spirit for wisdom

• Strength to minister

• Souls will hear and accept the Gospel

The cost of this trip is $7,000 which includes travel and lodging expenses.  If you would like to make an investment for this missions opportunity, please send gifts to Beacon Baptist Church 307 N. Bruffey St. Salem, VA 24153 and designate as “Wright Mission Project.” If you would like to give anonymously, gifts can also be made by visiting our blog at: and clicking on the “donate” button.

Thank you for your prayers and support in reaching the world with the Gospel.

-Drew Wright and family

“… how shall they hear, without a preacher?”

     -Romans 10:14

Survey Trip!


Your prayers will be much appreciated as we are currently raising funds for our survey trip this summer. Lord willing, I will be going with Silent Word Ministries International to Bulgaria for the Deaflympics. Following that, David Bennett and I plan to fly over to England, where Melinda will meet us, and conduct our survey trip there. Please pray that God will provide His clear guidance and the funds necessary!